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Interviews and Audio from Edward de Bono

We are pleased to organize this page around three key content vehicles related to the work of Dr. Edward de Bono. The first is a set of six videos collected from the internet. They are what we consider six of the best. Each has a different slice of Dr. de Bono’s work. For additional video viewing visit The de Bono Society site at Or go straight to the internet and find other videos on YouTube.

Immediately following the videos are a listing of audio clips, and a completion form if you would like us to forward a DVD for your viewing. Please note we do not ship outside the U.S.

Next you will find a link to three separate interviews; the first is the need for a nation, Japan, to be more creative. We have listed this because we think it easily pertains to what we must do here in the United States in our efforts toward innovation. The next two interviews are more personal and related to Dr. de Bono’s decision to focus on teaching thinking, his family background and some of the best and worst moments along the way.

Videos featuring Dr. Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono Thinking Edward de Bono on Human Thinking

A brief video on perceptual thinking compare to logical thinking

Six Hats Presentation Six Hats Presentation

A short video explaining the Six Hats.

Edward de Bono Creative Thinking Edward de Bono on creative thinking

A good summary of Edward's thinking

Edward de Bono Simplicity Dr Edward de Bono discusses Simplicity

Dr. Edward de Bono eplains the need for simplicity in business and how correct training is essential

Edward de Bono video One on One with Edward de Bono - Part 1

One on One meets one of the world's greatest creative thinkers.

Edward de Bono video One on One with Edward de Bono - Part 2

One on One meets one of the world's greatest creative thinkers.


Below you will find additional audio portions of a DVD of Edward de Bono discussing creativity:



Click here to read additional interviews conducted with Edward de Bono.

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