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A partial listing of clients using
Edward de Bono Thinking Methods

“The Quality of Your Thinking will determine the Quality of your Future!”
- Edward de Bono


Design Thinking with a Proven Return on Investment


If challenging the status quo and productive, forward-moving change is part of your bottom line strategy, the need to design your way forward has never been so important. Toward that end, we urge you to consider:


Design Thinking via Edward de Bono Thinking Methods

Thinking by design has been a trademark of de Bono methods from the early 80's when Edward de Bono's new thinking methods gained prominence and powerful credibility. Since then, the de Bono design thinking methods and the designing your way forward tactic and strategy they deliver has been the hallmark of effective ROI by many companies worldwide.

There are essentially three major components to the de Bono Group Design Thinking Process: First, the de Bono Factor, which refers to the tools themselves described in our core programs, all based on de Bono's original research on the way the mind works in his book, Mechanism of Mind. Second, the de Bono Formula and Dynamic which focuses on the skill of building creative and productive design thinking sequences - where dynamic fluidity and flow produce the needed clarity and creative yield and harvest/output. Third, the de Bono Effect which is represented and built on performance-based ROI. (Visit "What We Do" in our navigation to go to Core Programs.)

Forward moving and process driven, the de Bono Group Design Thinking Process productively disturbs the normal pattern (from ‘what is’ to ‘what can be’), has a 'leads to' approach, is tools-based and proactively engaging, and creates an H+ factor to maximize the human potential of your talent. Call us at 1-888-572-2190 for a demonstration of the model.

Dr. Edward de Bono is a Nobel Prize Nominee in Economics and world-renowned for his development and origination of the creative and constructive design thinking tools for parallel and creative thinking. The de Bono Group, LLC is a world leader in the delivery, design and effective results of de Bono design methods.

How We Can Help You!


The de Bono Group, LLC and our highly select team of consultants and trainers can help you more fully actualize the design thinking potential and action execution of your people and your company via


  • Project Co-Leadership, Organizational & Program Design and Coaching with our de Bono expertise
  • Onsite Programs, Consulting, and Keynotes
  • Training Trainers
  • Public Programs

(For information on any of the above, please call us at 1-888-572-2190.)


Used by over 800,000 managers worldwide in hundreds of companies and organizations, the de Bono tools-based approach to thinking has a proven track record in a variety of organizational settings. Considering companies like DuPont, MTV Networks, Research in Motion (Blackberry), NTT in Asia to ABB in Europe, using de Bono methods, you will see and experience the deep footprints of success in improved organizational and human thinking performance.

The de Bono design thinking system provides you with a common language and powerful set of tools that will help you focus on the improvement of the 'here and now' of essential work that must be done today. And we can show you how this tools-based design thinking approach can provide you with new opportunities for movement into the future, through key issues such as innovation, marketing, manufacturing, IT, productivity, or new product development, to name a few. Your company's ability to think differently, creatively and productively is basic to your need to do business in new, different, and profitable ways. Simply trying harder using the same old thinking technology is simply not enough. The de Bono Transformational Design Thinking Technology will provide you and your company with the New Thinking solutions you have been looking for.


To summarize, here are five things de Bono methods and The de Bono Group, LLC will do for you......

  1. Transform and increase individual, team, and company performance, innovation, and productivity. Performance is a bottom line issue. Case after case shows that the de Bono design tools increase constructive thinking, creative thinking, and action performance.
  2. Integrate design thinking into your regular management development courses, creating and acting as a supercharger with transformative effect producing new life and results.
  3. Motivate your people to achieve new and higher levels of work performance. More than exhortation, using the de Bono design thinking methods, your people will develop the skill of performing at higher levels.
  4. Produce quick, rapid, and effective return on your consulting/training dollar. Unlike many training programs that require extended time to bear fruit, the results of de Bono thinking training can be immediate. (See ROI)
  5. Be confident in working with the company with the highest credibility and reputation. The de Bono Group, LLC has been applauded and recognized by Edward de Bono for our success with his work.

Call us for a consultation. Let's discuss your needs and develop the appropriate action steps to address them.


(dB) NewThink, our Corporate Framework for Thinking.

An intervention that is basic regarding your company's needs, yet profound and powerful in its organizational impact, (dB) NewThink is designed in the following program formats:


six hats Simplicity
lateral thinking Simplicity
The Course in Creativity de Bono New Think Public Programs
Direct Attention Thinking Tools (DATT) de Bono ROI (Return on Investement)
de Bono Simplicity  

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