Leading the Innovation Challenge

A critically important innovation strategy program designed for Corporate Officers, Directors of Innovation, Managers of Innovation Processes, and key players involved in or responsible for creating and managing innovation and innovation results

The need for innovation in today’s marketplace is unquestioned. It is a fundamental requirement for the continuing success for any business, organization or agency. Yet every company or organization has a unique set of needs, demands and challenges which must be met to create a culture of innovation. Clearly no single approach or prescription fits all.

For over twenty years we have worked with clients to successfully learn and apply Edward de Bono’s thinking methods. Based on what we’ve seen, heard and done, we have designed a program which enables you and your leadership team to positively and constructively challenge the roadblocks, inhibitors and constraints to the successful development and execution of your Innovation Process. (Reference our Innovate CliC program).

This is truly a unique offering. Utilizing a significant and potentially pivotal innovation focus issue, we will use the powerful and proven Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking and Simplicity tools developed by Dr. de Bono, as we work with you to apply those tools, focus on your needs and design how to… 

  • Challenge, Target and Focus the elements in your organizational architecture which you view as barriers to creating and managing innovation, or a culture of innovation
  • Develop new Clear and Well-Defined Objectives. We’ll apply the de Bono tools of Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking and Simplicity to clarify the view (broad or narrow) regarding your desired end result.
  • Identify competing organization’s agendas and develop a collaborative approach toward and with those agendas.
  • Clarify the needed leadership behaviors which will positively reinforce your capacity to lead The Innovation Challenge process
  • Focus on changes which will create positive impact on workability, simplicity, deliverability and acceptance
  • Create practical Operacy (thinking for action) Plans which will enable you to effectively implement the needed challenges and changes. The tools and process will clarify and focus your needs as well as providing you with a replicable blueprint for action.

With a particular focus on the Challenges of Innovation, this program is an active organizational change process as well as a training intervention specifically designed in relation to your needs.

Benefits for participating in Leading the Innovation Challenge:

  • Participate in a program design that is more than simply describing what other companies have done. You will actually practice and lead in the development of an operational action plan which fits your organizations culture and needs.
  • Develop a clear picture and action plan to effectively address your innovation challenges
  • Learn to Lead and Create organizational ownership and participation in “solving the problem” of The Innovation Challenge
  • Strengthen your capacity and confidence to lead and be proactive in your organizations innovation agenda as you clarify and assess your leadership behavior and innovation style.
  • Introduce methods proven worldwide which will reframe and change the way your team thinks about innovation, problem solving and innovation opportunity search.
  • Cultivate a ‘can do, make it happen’ approach that is both disciplined and flexible.
  • Clear the way for innovation; assess and address what needs to happen and skillfully transfer your onsite program learning to your back-home innovation agenda.
Program materials and reports:
You will have the following to use and work with during and on completion of the program: a certified Six Thinking Hats short course manual with accessories, a certified Lateral Thinking short course manual, and a certified Simplicity manual.

Leading The Innovation Challenge can also be complemented by and integrated by Innovate CliC. (See Innovate CliC listing.)

Program Delivery and Leadership: This is a three day program led by two key consultants and experts in the use of de Bono Thinking methods, James P. Carlisle, President of The de Bono Group, LLC and Chuck Dymer, long known Master Trainer of de Bono methods and owner of The Idea Loft.

For further information regarding onsite deliver and pricing please call 717-299-5811 or email jpc@debonogroup.com and talk with James P.(Pat) Carlisle.