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Introduction of the Core Faculty of Closely Held de Bono Group Thinking by Design Trainers and Consultants

From The President:

As President of The de Bono Group and Dean of the Faculty, I am honored and proud to introduce our core faculty of closely held Edward de Bono trainers and consultants. As design thinking leaders they form the cornerstone of our four criteria for excellence: Quality, Integrity, Expert Knowledge and Professionalism

As you read through their bios, you will also notice their diversity of skills, talents and client base. That diversity keeps our thinking and professional relationships ever more stimulated and creative. And it produces a better product of what we can deliver to our clients.

What you may not see, but need to know is that they are a joy to work with. It has been my absolute pleasure to know all of them as friends and professional colleagues. Coupled with our select international network of trainers representing 56 countries, we make a powerful team.

James P. Carlisle

President – The de Bono Group, LLC

Karen Franta Love

Vice President

Karen Franta Love, Vice President of The de Bono Group, has over twenty years of experience in corporate and educational management and organizational development. She is instrumental in integrating de Bono tools and methods into a variety of organizational cultures, large, medium and small businesses. Using de Bono tools, she has delivered results with operations improvement, Six Sigma, project management, research and design, strategic planning, and corporate education to improve performance, communication, and solve problems. This range of work includes VP and C-Level executives, physicians and scientists, as well as mid-level and frontline employees. Her business areas of expertise are healthcare, insurance, public relations, and higher education.


Karen is a Master Trainer in Six Thinking Hats, and Lateral Thinking, a trainer for Direct Attention Thinking, and Leading High Performance Thinking for de Bono Thinking Systems. With a strong background in training and curriculum design, she is highly skilled in educating trainers in de Bono Tools and applications. She has a wealth of experience leading innovation and ideation processes using de Bono Tools and coaching others in thinking. Indicating Karen’s breadth of experience as a Master Trainer and Facilitator, her clients include Trinity Health Systems, Shelter Insurance, Nestle Purina, Merck, Proctor and Gamble, Central Bancompany, Genentech, National Propane and Research Council, Missouri Department of Revenue and the American Creativity Association.


Karen was recently a senior organizational development specialist for the internationally recognized Methodist Hospital System in Houston, Texas–a top Fortune 100 Best Place to Work, and U.S. News and World Report Honor Roll Hospital. Karen holds certification in Human Performance Improvement from ASTD, and Total Quality Management from the University of Texas Quality Center. She received her B.S. from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and her M.Ed. from the University of Vermont.



Master Trainer


senior consultant / master trainer

Mark Sato is a senior consultant and Master Trainer for The de Bono Group. He combines over 20 years of hands-on management experience in the financial services, healthcare, and software industries with equivalent years of leadership development and training success.


Since 2005, Mark has delivered the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking solutions to de Bono clients in the software, healthcare, transportation, and finance industries. Specific results include: improved leadership communication with software programming management team; increased idea generation and efficiency in healthcare research and development team meetings; started global process design for international transportation organization; created process improvement ideas for finance sales leadership team.


Mark has held management and training management positions at Franklin Templeton, Kaiser Permanente, and Oracle Corporation, and holds certifications with top coaching, communication and performance management providers.   He has global leadership training experience working with managers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, as well as extensive virtual facilitation design and delivery experience.  He earned an MBA from California State University, Hayward (East Bay) in Management.

Lynn Reed

senior Consultant - Master Trainer

Lynn Reed leads an international management consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational performance through the design and delivery of customized leadership and organizational development processes. He works with all levels of professional and management staff, from entry level trainees up to the board of directors in some of the largest and best performing financial institutions in the world.

Lynn has a high level of expertise in building High Performing Teams in cross-functional and multi-national environments. He has been instrumental in changing the culture of organizations by helping people become more adaptive to change, better team leaders and team members, more effective communicators, better problem solvers, and more creative and stronger leaders and contributors.

He has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, in both line and support roles. He spent the major portion of his career at JP Morgan in New York, including a five-year assignment in the London Office as the Head of Organizational Development for JP Morgan Europe.

Lynn holds an MBA from New York University. He has completed post-graduate programs in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development at Columbia University and served as a guest lecturer on creative thinking for these programs. He has deep experience in applying psychometric and leadership development assessment instruments, including the MBTI, Situational Leadership, DiSC, HBDI, EQi-2.0 and Social Styles models, to name a few.

He was certified by Dr. de Bono himself to teach both the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking programs; he is a qualified Master Trainer in both techniques. Lynn first introduced the Six Thinking Hats to the European region of a large investment bank in 1995. He has taught and applied the de Bono methods in 18 countries, integrating the toolsets with multi-day leadership boot camp programs focused on strategic thinking, group dynamics, problem solving and action learning.

Lynn has personally trained over 10,000 managers and professionals in major financial institutions, as well as The World Bank and numerous not for profit organizations on a pro-bono basis in the de Bono methods. Lynn has certified over 40 development professionals globally to teach and apply the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking techniques. His programs are consistently rated “exceptional” by clients.

Lynn’s expertise in group dynamics is second to none. His unique style of delivery combines a bottom-line focus, rapid pace, high energy level and strong sense of humor to get the job done. Lynn has been interviewed and quoted as an expert in group dynamics by various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, The Financial Times and The American Banker.

Picture of Lynn Reed (1)

senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

Chuck Dymer

Senior Consultant - Master Trainer

Chuck Dymer, is a key leader in the de Bono methodologies. A Master Trainer in Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Management Thinking (POP), Focus on Facilitation & Simplicity as well as a trainer in Six Value Medals. When we think of trainer excellence, one of the first we think of is Chuck. In addition to his training and consulting expertise, he lives life holistically with integrity and ethical concern for those around him.

The de Bono Group, LLC as a company offers only the best in it’s cadre of trainers and consultants and Chuck represents the essence of the best. In 1987, Chuck became the first person permitted by Dr. de Bono to teach the Six Thinking Hats concept. Since that time Chuck has successfully trained thousands of executives, managers and their direct reports in Dr. de Bono’s techniques. In 1993 he joined the de Bono Trainings Systems network and became a certified Master Trainer in the Lateral Thinking as well as a certified Master Trainer in the Six Thinking Hats and Direct Attention Thinking Tools. Before starting PeopleWorks, Chuck spent 15 years in manufacturing and information technology. He has been a foreman, materials supervisor, sales manager and national marketing manager. This broad base of expertise enables Chuck to talk about what works instead of presenting untested theory.

Chuck has a Masters of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Companies Chuck has recently worked with using the de Bono methods include: AstraZeneca; Bayer Animal Health; GMAC Insurance; Hallmark Cards; Interstate Brands Corporation; Kraft Foods; Nestle Purina PetCare; Norse Dairy Systems to name a few.

Corinna Vecsey Wilson, Esq.

Vice President of Development for State and Local Governments and the Non-Profit Sector

When Corinna first saw and experienced the power and effectiveness of Six Thinking Hats in a working group of 60 participants, she declared, ‘everyone needs to know how to do this!’ With that excitement and forward looking intent, the de Bono Group welcomed her application and certification as a Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking trainer.

Respected for her creativity, integrity, tact, and hard work, Corinna works closely with her government and non-profit clients to achieve a range of goals, from launching public policy-driven initiatives to building long-term strategic relationships. She excels is at bringing diverse groups together to work as an effective team in tackling important and public goals, creating messaging campaigns around complicated issues, and weaving strategic relationships in and around state government and other public policy-driven organizations. Corinna is known for creating win-win partnerships and in particular for projects incorporating charitable missions.

Corinna is a licensed Pennsylvania attorney, a registered lobbyist in Pennsylvania, and a registered Pennsylvania professional fundraising counsel. She is a certified de Bono Six Thinking Hats™ and Lateral Thinking™ trainer.

Corinna worked as a reporter and television host and headed up the content division of a public affairs cable network. As a lawyer she has worked in private practice, as in house counsel and as a state agency chief counsel. She has lobbied in Harrisburg since 2000 and has developed expertise in nonprofits, compliance, and governance. Her clients include The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association, the Pennsylvania Problem Solving Court, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Widener University Commonwealth Law School, and Deloitte to name a few.

Corinna is Vice President of Development for State and Local Governments and the Non-Profit Sector.

VP of Development


dr. matthew allison

director of business development for the midwest

Dr. Matthew Allison is the Director of Business Development for the Midwest and is certified by James P. Carlisle, president of the de Bono Group, in both Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking. Besides being a training, Dr. Allison is a vibrant musician, active as a flute instructor and a freelance flutist. As a teacher of music for several years, that experience is a complementary fit to the disciplined thinking methods developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. And his central values of empowerment, finding flow and harnessing the creativity of those he works with is a fitting blend of his work in a variety of fields. A natural entrepreneur and leader, Matthew is one who sees and envisions the possible as well as clearing the path toward that end. His ability to productively engage the participant in the process of learning is at the core of who he is as a teacher and as a person.


Nancy Moon


Nancy Moon – As the de Bono Group’s new Director of Business Development for the Federal Sector, Nancy Moon brings a special mind set to her role; producing innovative and strategic approaches to corporate challenges. That expertise is represented in her long term professional pattern of focused leadership, effectiveness and accomplishment via the creative strategies she has taken in her assignments. As she develops relationships with our clients, we know that pattern will continue. Now retired from CIA, and thirty one years of commitment to creative excellence and productivity, we see an engaging future in her ability to relate to clients and their needs. A few of Nancy’s key accomplishments during her term of service at CIA:

    • A founding member of the leadership team which created the Center for Mission Innovation at the CIA, Nancy was selected as an Innovation Officer for the Innovation Studio, and subsequently its Director.
    • Nancy was Team Lead drafting the Strategic Plan for the Director of the CIA.
    • As Chair of the Executive Leadership Department of CIA University, led the design and development of a leadership curriculum for Senior Leadership Intelligence Officers.
    • CIA Career Intelligence Commendation Award coupled with 13 Exceptional Performance Awards and several Meritorious Unit Citations.
    • Within the Office of Security served as Analyst and Executive Officer. The Office of Security is responsible, on a worldwide basis, for ensuring proper security for CIA facilities, operations and personnel.
    • Represented the CIA as a Research Analyst on two major studies conducted by the Director, National Intelligence.


    As a certified trainer in Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking she has the insight and wherewithal to model to her clients the effective, productive and creative use of the powerful de Bono methods. As a user she led a team that redesigned a CIA Operations Center. Her breadth and depth of experience as an effective administrator, program manager and organizational leader provide the foundation for her primary focus; developing creative, yet structured, approaches to finding solutions to difficult problems. She is driven to exceed the status quo. Leadership is her passion which is manifest in her many accomplishments. Nancy will assist you in the development of the creative solutions you want and need.


Special Consultants and Trainers

scott r. reidenbach, Esq.

Scott R. Reidenbach, Esq. joins The de Bono Group, LLC as a principal and collaborator/consultant in the development of the legal community as a market for Edward de Bono Thinking methods. As an attorney of excellence listed in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers, Awesome Lawyers in Philadelphia Life, and Main Line Today as a Top Lawyer, Scott formed his very successful firm of eight attorneys in the midst of the great recession. From a few clients in 2007 to several hundred in 2014, he has excelled in his ability to relate to the variety of his clients and their organizational and legal needs. Building his firm’s competencies on the foundation of real estate and planned community (condominium and homeowner association) law, the firm now has four office locations in the Philadelphia region and has steadily grown their practice areas of business law, civil litigation and contract law. His foremost intent with clients is to keep them from harm’s way, though Scott is a formidable and tenacious litigator.

As an attorney, I’m always looking at new and creative ways to represent our clients and resolve their often complicated and fluid issues. The work developed by Dr. Edward de Bono fits that need. In addition to my own professional use, I’m planning to have my staff go through the training and classroom work as well’ says Scott.

Since its inception, Reidenbach & Associates, LLC has steadily grown to eight attorneys, four office locations and several hundred clients. From professional athletes, to planned community associations, to the nation’s largest homebuilder to local business owners and families, the firm has proudly become one of the most trusted and sought after legal resources on the Philadelphia Main Line and beyond. Prior to forming Reidenbach and Associates, Scott worked at Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin; Steven L. Sugarman Associates and Navigant Consulting.

Active in the Philadelphia community, Scott is on the Board of Trustees of Rosemont College, an Adjunct Professor at Villanova University, a member of the Board of Directors of the Wayne Business Association and coaches his son’s Little League baseball team and his daughter’s youth soccer team. Scott was a pitcher for the Villanova University Baseball team that won Big East Championships in 1991 and 1993. He remains active in the Villanova University Alumni Association.

Riches Djedjes

Recently named de Bono distributor for West Africa by Caspar de Bono, since 2016 Riches has introduced the Lateral Thinking and later Six Thinking Hats tools to heads of institutions, executives and managers in government, manufacturing, telephone and banking sectors in West Africa. 

Her role as distributor will be to educate, distribute and train key leaders in in business and government in West Africa regarding the use of the de Bono methodologies.  

Riches holds an MBA in Finance from Marymount University, Arlington, VA; and brings 29 years of management consulting experience of which 20 as Manager and Director of Consulting in Deloitte & Touche, in US and Africa, where she worked with government officials and enterprise directors and staff in more than 20 Southern, Central and Western Africa countries; she has served for 9 years as Managing partner of Talentsdafrik, a consulting firm where she works with leaders interested in bringing new thinking to bear on the challenges they embrace. 

She is experienced in organization restructuring, development, efficiency studies and facilitating cost reduction projects for major manufacturing companies, executive recruitment for senior positions in Private and public companies, managing international donor contracts.  

Additionally, she and James P.(Pat) Carlisle, President of the de Bono Group have initiated conversations on collaboration in the training of de Bono methods in West Africa. Mr. Carlisle’s role is emerging as trainer and lecturer. 

Riches work has taken her to Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, Lesotho, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe in her work with key organizational leadership. 


She also does tremendous pro bono church building projects and initiatives in Africa, specifically Ghana and Togo.  


david bush, ph.d

David Bush, Ph.D.is a Special Consultant and Faculty member of The de Bono Group, LLC and is the founding Director of the MS program in Human Resource Development (HRD) at Villanova University. He is also Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Development. His research, teaching, consulting and speaking activities revolve around developing HR metrics for measuring talent and performance and how they change over time and through transformation processes. He has worked with change management for three decades in a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals to chemicals to transportation to manufacturing. Dr. Bush has taught graduate courses for HR professionals that focus on the two issues of measurement and change management. With more than twenty years’ experience in leading and facilitating process improvement, business transformation and organizational change management projects, he has consulted on major projects in such diverse organizations as Conrail, SmithklineBeecham, Rhone Poulenc Roher, AstraZeneca, Hercules, the Internal Revenue Service, and Mauritius Telecom.

David worked with W. Edwards Deming, providing an OCM lecture as part of Deming’s four-day seminar. Early in his career, David worked with researchers in the UK and the US on improving Doctor Patient Communication. He has conducted health care based projects related to OCM with Mercy Hospital (Wilkes Barre), Park Nicollet Medical Center (St. Paul), and Presbyterian Medical Center (Philadelphia). He is currently working with a Magee Re habilitation Hospital project concerning culture change.

As part of the team of experts who established quality improvement and benchmarking teams at Conrail, David helped select and train team leaders and facilitators and guided executives in an approach based on the concepts of Deming and Juran.

For the past 15 years he has worked primarily with pharmaceutical and high technology companies to improve processes to enhance quality and shorten development cycle times. His teaching experience included HR Metrics and Research, Organizational Change and Performance Management, HR Planning, and Coaching for Improved Performance. David is a member of The American Psychological Association, the Human Resource Planning Group and the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He was awarded the Ph.D. from Purdue University.

hakeem rahim

From his professional to academic to community life, Hakeem Rahim places an emphasis on change and transformation with a particular focus on the education sector. He holds a BA (cum laude) in psychology from Harvard University and an Ed.M. and M.A. in psychological counseling from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Hakeem is certified in de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methodologies. His core focus in teaching de Bono methods is in the education sector focusing on teachers and students. A graduate of iPEC, an accredited life coach training institute, he is facilitator and coach affiliated with Jasmin Balance, a counseling and wellness company. Hakeem is an experienced public speaker most notably in the education and mental health arenas. He is also the principal of Live Breathe Coaching and Consultation, LLC, a professional coaching and consultative services company that empowers individuals and organizations by helping them achieve alignment between their desired and current situations.

Hakeem has a special way about him, a way of connecting with others that engages but with a tender touch. Hakeem’s initial contact with The de Bono Group came via a phone call and his clear desire to understand de Bono, particularly Six Thinking Hats, and how the Hats could be used with the college students. At the time he was working with at Hofstra, then later Mercy College. From that initial contact he has launched himself into the world of consulting and training, an effort endorsed and celebrated by The de Bono Group.

riel miller

Riel Miller is a special consultant to The de Bono Group. Riel is one of the world’s leading strategic foresight designers and practitioners. He co-creates innovation, leadership and transformation with his clients. For over twenty-five years he has tracked and explored the emergence of post-industrial Learning Intensive Societies. Pioneer of a range of techniques for building Futures Literacy, Riel helps organizations to grasp the potential of the present for innovation and creativity. His learning-by-doing Futures Literacy approach enables organizations to “rigorously imagine” the future and make analytically robust and easily understood links between anticipation and action. His published work covers topics such as the future of: innovation, research, money, public services, education, the Internet, identity, information technology, the knowledge society, regional development, etc. Riel has an extensive international network and a solid track-record of creativity. He is an accomplished and experienced speaker, master of ceremonies, lecturer, workshop leader, and facilitator.

Riel is also currently a board member of the Association of Professional Futurists; a Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation; a Faculty Member in The Master of Public Affairs at Sciences-Po, Paris, France; a member of the board of Strax, The Research Unit for Strategic Intelligence and Exploration of the Future, Helsinki University of Technology; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, UK; a member of the American Economics Association; and an Associate at Demos, London, UK.

Riel earned his Ph.D. in Economics from The New School of Social Research, a Masters degree from York College in Toronto, and a BA from Carleton University in Ottawa. He lives in Paris with his wife and children. He is widely published.