Who We Are

The de Bono Group: Proven Thinking by Design Methods

Built on the highest professional and personal regard, mutual respect and friendship, the de Bono Group, LLC and its President, James P.(Pat) Carlisle, has a special relationship with Dr. Edward de Bono. From their initial introduction at a Chicago training session in 1992, to the time spent together in Buenos Aires in 1995 where Dr. de Bono was delivering a presentation to five thousand business leaders, to when he granted us the right to use his name in the year 2000, to the time in London in 2008 where while having lunch together one of the party asked, ‘how long have you and Edward been friends?’ to Edward’s recent 85th birthday (2018) celebration in Malta the relationship has evolved solidified and deepened. Over these twenty-five years the time has been of the highest quality with thought-provoking work, creative endeavor and full of good humor, driven together in changing the way the world thinks.

Central to that friendship and mutual respect and as part of our contractual authorization to use his name as part of our business heading, we feel a particular responsibility and obligation to honor that relationship. That is to say, we want to honor his commitment to us with a special pledge of assurance to you, the clients we serve.

Client driven with excellence and bottom line results as our organizing values, we build our design thinking consulting and training group around four criteria. Like legs which hold firm the foundation of the table of excellence, these decisive factors build on and require each other. Each is needed to complete and fulfill the reality of excellence.

What you can expect quality integrity expert knowledge professionalism


We start with the highest quality people, the cream of the crop; few if any are better, even fewer equal.Carefully selected and chosen to be part of something special, they stand out as uncommon, distinctive, and exceptional.


Our personal and professional integrity is fundamental; and is at the heart of our credibility. People of exceptional character and ethical standard, our team members exemplify and embody the quote, ‘at the end of the day your integrity is all you have.’

Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge with de Bono methods, group leadership and organizational development issues with a particular focus on integration to the client’s needs.


Professional to the core. You know it when they walk in the room and recognize their rock-solid presence.  Experienced across the spectrum of business sectors, they are able to synthesize and integrate what they bring and teach to meet the organizational needs and demands our clients have asked for; they offer proactive client engagement.

What We Believe

We believe thinking is the ultimate human resource.

For too long, however, our ability to think has been limited by the almost exclusive use of analysis and critique. A methodology developed over 2,500 years ago as part of our Greek tradition of thinking, it’s primary focus was to examine ‘what is’ and to see if things fit or did not fit particular categories. As a thinking methodology critique and analysis was and is not designed to help you move forward. Given the pace of change today, what is needed is a new methodology, one based on movement and design thinking or ‘what does this lead to.’

We have that ‘leads to’ design thinking method in the tools based approach developed by Dr. Edward de Bono, the world’s leading authority of conceptual, parallel and creative (lateral) thinking. Building on your knowledge and use of analytical, critical thinking we add to the set of thinking tools you will have available. If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We provide you with the complete tool set. We will help you put together your corporate tool kit for thinking, our software for the mind, so you can construct the kind of company you dream about.

We Guard Diligently Our Credibility

We guard diligently our credibility as representatives of Dr. Edward de Bono’s work and the distinguishing quality of our carefully selected few reflects that mindful care. Their exclusive selection and specialness represents our commitment to Dr. de Bono; to our clients, and to bottom line excellence. Their years and depth of experience, wisdom and expertise represent us well. They stand clearly at the intersection of excellence between who they are as representatives of The de Bono Group, LLC and their ability to deliver the needed punch and bottom line results our clients ask for. 

The de Bono thinking by design tools provide the basic foundation for our work. In the three arenas of organizational, team and individual development, we can integrate our tools and thinking framework and collaborate with you on the following applications.

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