Lateral Thinking

Creativity & Innovation

In the face of fast-changing trends, fierce competition and the need to work miracles despite tight budgets, better quality and service are not enough. Creativity and innovation are the only engines that will drive lasting success. Lateral Thinking™ is essential. Instead of linear or vertical thinking, which relies solely on logic, Lateral Thinking™ is a deliberate, systematic process of using your ability to think in a different way. These proven methods make insight, creativity, and innovation happen. We know creative thinking is a skill that can be learned and we will show you how with these methods.

Lateral Thinking

Take a look at our program format:

The Need for Lateral Thinking

  • Shattering the myths around creative thinking
  • Understanding the logic of Lateral Thinking


  • Shifting from the single focus on problems
  • Learning the importance of redefining the focus
  • Developing your own creative hit list


  • Challenging traditional ways constructively
  • Learning to break free of our thinking patterns


  • Learning the ‘how to’ and value of extracting concepts
  • Using concepts to breed new ideas

Random Entry

  • Using random input to create new connections


  • Going beyond deferring judgment to active movement
  • Turning provocative ideas into practical solutions

Harvesting and Treatment

  • Maximizing the capturing of ideas from your creative thinking
  • Turning starter ideas into workable ideas

Our minds have been trained to find typical and predictable solutions to problems. Often this leads to ‘thinking inside the box’ and to entrapment in old paradigms. As illustration, challenging old paradigms and using Dr. Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking methods, a DuPont employee eliminated nine steps in their Kevlar manufacturing process and saved the company $30 million dollars a year. More clearly you see that learning to think deliberately ‘outside the box’ pays off. From strategic planning to solutions for everyday issues, thousands of individuals worldwide have used this proven method to create and innovate breakthroughs.


You will learn how to:

  • Shatter the myths around creative thinking – you can do it, and do it better.
  • Bring your creative thinking and the thinking of others into a sharp focus.
  • Develop your own creative hit list.
  • Find and build on the concept behind one idea to create even more ideas.
  • Spark new ideas using random input and entry.
  • Go beyond deferring judgement to active movement.
  • Use provocative questions to challenge current thinking.
  • Turn provocative ideas into new and practical solutions.
  • Challenge your organization’s current thinking constructively and productively.
  • Turn harvested ideas into usable, practical forms.
  • Maximize the ideas you capture from creative thinking.
  • Be creative on demand.

Lateral Thinking™ is:

  • Seeking to solve problems by using unique methods
  • A process and willingness to look at things in a different way
  • Thinking that complements analytical and critical thinking
  • A fast, effective tool used to help individuals, teams, and companies solve tough problems and create new products, processes, and services.

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