Power of Perception

Ten Straightforward Thinking Tools.

This course gives you ten straightforward thinking tools for sharpening your perception and focusing your thoughts in a more comprehensive, effective, and efficient way. It will enable you to have a broad and inclusive viewpoint. The tools create a framework for defining a situation. That framework will improve your ability to consider consequences before you take action.

More than ever, our business and personal lives are more complicated, fast-paced, and full of action. We often confuse action with accomplishment and frequently jump to action without enough thought. We love to take action (just do it!) and see what happens—-if it is good, we keep going; if bad, we stop and clean up the mess we have created. This strategy is better than doing nothing at all; however, it is inefficient, and the pain or mistake rate is extremely high. These tools will help you prescreen the potential for mess and enable you to be more efficient and effective in your decision making.

POP™is to describe it as “software for the mind.” Once you have been trained and the ‘software’ is loaded into your mind, you can simply close your eyes and click on one of the POP™ “icons” to review the tools you’ve learned and to use them in any situation.

Who should attend?

This course is designed to be taught to any employee who is making daily decisions. Whether business or personal (e.g. purchasing a car), the course has tools that can help.

Anyone who needs to know “How To:”

  • Be a stronger, more confident decision maker
  • Quickly and accurately weigh risks against rewards
  • Consistently make ‘the right call’
  • Think clearly with great focus
  • Reach optimal solutions more quickly than ever before
  • Uncover the hidden opportunities in ‘problems’
  • Use ‘what if’ thinking to avoid costly mistakes
  • Look beyond boundaries of self-limiting perspectives
  • Remove obstacles with simple solutions
  • Take a fresh look at options
  • Produce answers that inspire
  • Thoroughly judge a situation
  • Assess all angles of the big picture before making a decision

And you can thoughtfully, but rapidly learn the tools. POP™ can be delivered on site as a one or two day course. Each POP™ tool can be delivered in separate modules.

Please call the 888-572-2190 number below for more information, or email jpc@debonogroup.com.