The New Thinking Leader

Making a Difference with Proven Tools that Make a Difference Led by James P. (Pat) Carlisle

Leadership is an essential factor to the success of every organization… as is new thinking. Being a leader (a new thinking leader), teaching others to be leaders, modeling the way as a leader is critical if teams and organizations are to thrive. Research consistently and repeatedly shows where leadership is present in an organization positive change happens; personal, team and organizational success occurs. Without effective leadership individuals, teams and organizations flounder. Without new thinking we simply repeat the ‘same old same old’ again and again even as we try harder…

Rethink and reframe the way you think about being a leader and doing leadership. Utilizing the proven and powerful de Bono thinking methods, we have coupled productivity, effectiveness, creativity and innovative design thinking with leadership.

Grounded in Edward de Bono’s new thinking methods, and built on The de Bono Group’s framework of an integrated innovative thinking/leading paradigm, we are pleased to announce a new program which provides an unparalleled and unmatched set of three tools for operationalizing effective, new thinking leadership.

Here are the three tools you will learn to use and reference as you lead your people and teams:

One, a successful leadership model based on the work of James Kouzes and Barry Posner researched and written about in five editions of The Leadership Challenge– a powerful model exemplifying five key leadership behaviors: Challenging the Process, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Enabling Others to Act, Modeling the Way and Encouraging the Heart. Click here download a sample The Leadership Challenge Report.

Two, a powerful thinking tool set, Six Thinking Hats, at the heart and core of the New Thinking Leader program, Six Thinking Hats developed by Dr. Edward de Bono and used successfully worldwide in a variety of corporate organizational and agency settings, and

Three, The Leadership Coaching Report, based on the 16PF Personality Test (Trait Factor Theory) developed by Raymond Cattell. Click here to download a sample Leadership Coaching Report. Note: While we are using the Posner and Kouzes leadership model, we have found that other leadership models (Blanchard, Covey et al) fit and work well within The de Bono Group’s New Thinking Leader™ framework.

What You Can Expect

This is a powerful and proven threesome of methods and tools; two behaviorally based (Six Thinking Hats & the Leadership Practices Inventory) and one personality/insight focused (the Leadership Coaching Report) in order to increase your self awareness to reinforce more intentional use of self.

Program materials and reports: You will have the following to use and work with during and on completion of the program: a certified Six Thinking Hats short course manual with accessories.

Led by James P. (Pat) Carlisle, President of The de Bono Group, LLC, highly experienced in the use of all three of the tools, he will lead you through a two-day integrated process of self-discovery via the Leadership Coaching Report, self-assessment via the Leadership Practices Inventory developed by Posner and Kouzes and the skill development and utilization experienced via the parallel thinking tools of Six Thinking Hats. You will see and gain new insight on how these powerful processes will be integrated into your work and personal life….and you will develop your own blueprint for further strengthening yourself as a New Thinking Leader

What You Will Take Away:

• Practical experience and training on how to make a difference and use the Six Thinking Hats as a leader-manager in your organization.

• Leadership behavioral awareness and insight on how you see yourself as well as how others see you.

• New knowledge on how your personality and particular personality traits can be enablers or inhibitors in relation to your role as a team or organizational leader.

• Experience and learn how the parallel thinking method (Six Thinking Hats) powerfully and positively interacts with the Leadership Challenge model.

• Understand the complementary nature of the three tools, Six Thinking Hats, The Five Exemplary Leadership Behaviors and your 16PF Personality trait scores overlap and integrate.

• New Thinking Leader Action Plan for your ongoing development. 

Who Should Participate:

High Potentials, Line managers, senior managers, OD and training professionals; anyone interested in developing effective personal, team or organizational leadership.

What You Will Have In Hand:

Six Thinking Hats short course manual with accessories, your own Leadership Practices Inventory assessment as well as a copy of the book, The Leadership Challenge, your own Leadership Coaching Report based on the 16PF and a PowerPoint copy of the New Thinking Leader model developed by James P. (Pat) Carlisle.

Program Duration:

The program is normally designed in a two day format and can be customized given the client’s needs then delivered at your designated venue. The program is offered in an adapted format in our public program offerings.
For description of Six Thinking Hats please go to: Six Thinking Hats
For a description and PDF of The Leadership Challenge and the Leadership Coaching Report please go here.
For a description of the Leadership Coaching Report and the 16PF assessment please go here.
This program will be offered on our public schedule and can be delivered internally. Please contact James P. (Pat) Carlise at The de Bono Group, LLC for further information and pricing. Call 888-572-2190 or email