Sharpening Your Competitive and Innovative Edge

Is your organization well positioned to thrive in today's highly demanding marketplace?

As you well know, health care organizations are up against the toughest challenges in their history. Government and other third party payers are demanding lower costs, increased access, greater efficiency and endless data. Doing your best and working harder are basic requirements to address this need. Yet doing your best and working harder is not enough…innovation by design is the critical factor.

The de Bono Group, LLC , an international leader in the field of organizational creativity and innovation, now offers and introduces Sharpening Your Competitive and Innovative Edge, a 4-dimensional innovation program, based on the tools and methods of Dr. Edward de Bono. Specifically designed for the demands of the health care industry, Sharpening will lead you through the process and methods that other organizations have mastered and used to focus and produce the desired end results of innovation and increased productivity.

Healthcare Leaders:

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What are the benefits of you attending this introductory event?
Using relevant health care issues, we will:
  • Overview how Sharpening will enable you to address your critical health care issues.
  • Clarify the current state of your organization and analyze the potential for needed changes.
  • Experience a process designed to align the elements of your health system.
  • Understand how the de Bono approach will help you develop a culture of innovation by design.
  • Learn how you can maximize the productive and innovative capacity of your staff/workforce.
  • Utilize a process of international renown with a proven return on investment.
  • Identify where and how you might begin the Sharpening process in your health system.
  • Discuss the results of the research study exploring the key issues facing healthcare systems in Central PA

The de Bono Group’s new Sharpening Your Competitive Edge program guides you along this path with proven success. It helps align your realities and move ahead through the use of the parallel and creative thinking tools developed by Edward de Bono, MD, Ph.D. And then, the program assists you as you implement and maintain successful practices through disciplined processes. No other program offers you this complete package.

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge is a strategic as well as tactical program, designed for the highly competitive, highly regulated health care marketplace of the Twenty-first Century. Change is assured. How you will meet it is not. The de Bono group can bring your organization up to speed and keep it there.

Here is how it works:

After an initial consultation with your key team members, an individual program is tailored that will lead you through the critical phases of leading and managing change.


Phase I. Project Launch and Engagement is a one-day program for key organizational leaders introducing the world-renowned methodologies of Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking. This first day begins the work on key issues your organization is dealing with, creating new ways of addressing those important issues and designing initial follow-through action steps.


Phase II. Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving has two parts; a two-day and a three-day program, and is a deeper dive which builds on the work done in Phase I. Designed for key organization leaders and support staff, we take more in-depth practice time with your staff integrating and learning the de Bono skills and creating strategies of organizational need and implementation. This phase has as a primary focus on developing expertise and skill development in leading the use of the de Bono methods, Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking and Perception Broadening Tools with an action and implementation result. We also integrate an important coaching component into both segments.


Phase III. Implementation and Execution– Bringing it all together and making it happen is at the heart of implementation and execution component. Designed to help you avoid the ‘places where ideas go to die’ and to complement those who already have more than they can do, we staff your organization with a health care MD-executive and consultants who are well experienced and equipped to help you focus on completing the task and getting the job done.


Phase IV Embedding the Gains is the final phase of monitoring the change and instilling it into your organizational culture. This component is carefully designed in collaboration with your organization. Your ‘internal coaches’ will be fully trained and ready to meet future challenges, no matter what they are and where they come from.



Benefits of Completing and Implementing Sharpening Your Competitive/Innovative Edge

You and your team will have worked with and learned to use a proven operational framework which will continually enable you and your team to:


  • Advance and increase your executive leadership team’s ability to be innovative and think creatively on demand
  • Streamline creative problem-solving and maximize actionable processes
  • Implement new ideas and changes efficiently and monitor them through to success
  • Create actionable follow through and execution
  • Make wise and manageable ‘course corrections’
  • Achieve greater productivity and results from your staff
  • Save money, reduce costs and further simplify procedures and processes
  • Maximize the intellectual capital of your team and talent with an effective collaborative decision making model
  • Reduce meeting time/duration by at least 25%
  • Increase the quantity of ideas and quality of decisions you and your team make
  • Effectively challenge the status quo and create productive alternatives toward more efficient and effective operations
  • Eliminate Analysis-Paralysis with a constructive, action focused methodology.
  • Align your leadership team and staff and maximize their effectiveness
  • Change corporate culture where organizational effective collaboration and innovation have become second nature.
  • Get rid of (or at least learn to avoid) that special place in your organization where ‘good ideas go to die’
  • Continue to strengthen and deepen your organizations competitive and innovation effectiveness via your internal Action/Innovation Coach network.


Program materials and reports:
You will have the following to use and work with during and on completion of the program: a certified Six Thinking Hats short course manual with accessories, a certified Lateral Thinking full course manual, and a certified Focus on Facilitation manual. There is also the potential certification in Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Focus on Facilitation.

About Edward de Bono, originator of de Bono Thinking methods. Dr. Edward de Bono, a writer, inventor and medical practitioner has led the revolution in new thinking and implementation among high performing businesses, governments and corporations worldwide. Users include Microsoft, Oracle, HP, MDS Sciex, Honeywell, Merck, Siemens, and GlaxoSmithKline among others. Now we turn de Bono’s transformational methods to his own field of health care, perhaps the one most critical to the US economy in the years to come, given its share of GDP and growth potential.. Building on over thirty years of writing, researching and the practice of how high performers think and act, the de Bono Group has produced a methodology that can transform your health care organization’s performance: quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Program Leadership:
James P. Carlisle
Thomas F. Godfrey
Karen Franta Love
Mark Sato

For further information, please contact or call the 888 number below.