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A partial listing of clients using
Edward de Bono Thinking Methods

The de Bono Group, LLC offers the

Innovate CLiC Program
A Core Curriculum for Developing, Leading and Managing
Your Innovation Agenda

talent management

Design Thinking

  • Focusing on Coaching/Leading/Consulting with an Innovation Action-Solutions Focus
  • A Staged Competency, Skills- Based Model which will operationalize your creative Effort
  • Utilizing a New Thinking Paradigm, Creating More Effective, Productive and Innovative Results
  • Complements and can be easily integrated with your other organizational initiatives
  • Developing and Constructing a Best Practices Model for New, Innovative Thinking/Results and Follow-through

  • There are two stages, Innovate Basic and Innovate Advanced. They are as follows:

    Stage I. Innovate Basic CliC

    The de Bono Group- Basic CLiC Creative Leader Action Coach Unleashing, Directing and Leading Human Potential

    Step 1.
    The Course in Creativity (2 days)

    Effectively learning to use and integrate the parallel thinking tool, Six Thinking Hats and three of the Lateral Thinking tools, Focus, Random Entry and The Alternative Triangle is the primary goal of this program. Essential grounding in Six Thinking Hats during the first day, followed by the teaching of the three lateral tools on day 2, this second day focuses on the integration of Six Thinking Hats and the Lateral tools via the sequencing of Hats, and the learning and leading of the full process with groups

    Step 2.
    Creating, Coaching and Leading High Performance Innovation Teams: Unleashing and Focusing Human Potential (4 days)

    This is a deeper dive into the Creative Thinking/Leading-Action process dive directed at sharpening your practiced leadership effectiveness. With individual consultation, coaching and group leadership as a key driver and learning agenda, you will develop your practiced expertise and leadership effectiveness with the parallel thinking, lateral thinking (including Focus, the Alternative Triangle, Challenge, Provocation (Disruptive Thinking) and Random Entry and three perception broadening tools. (The Provocation tools form the foundation for your needs regarding disruptive thinking.) And we will further develop your skill in the use of the de Bono methods with the collaborative decision making process aka (CDM). Leading and facilitating are the key agendas of Step 2

    Benefits of the Innovate Basic CliC Program:

    On successful completion of the Innovate Basic CliC Program as a designated leader-coach and mentor you will be able to
  • Lead and Coach the de Bono Group Innovative Thinking process
  • Use integrated and systematic thinking as an action tool set to enable you and your company to more fully actualize and realize the potential of your talent work force.
  • Learn to use an internationally proven new thinking behavioral approach that builds on and makes more productive current and often differing thinking styles.
  • Create a new capacity, environment and synergy for cooperation, collaboration, team alignment, performance, productivity and innovation.
  • Positively reinforce, model and lead new thinking and constructive leadership behaviors.
  • Effectively maximize focus and direct the intellectual capital and emotional energy of your leadership teams.
  • Learn to effectively use creative disruption either as a rising provocation or one that is intentionally created.
  • Change and move away from positional, adversarial thinking to productive parallel and lateral thinking.
  • Evolve/advance your teams thinking and resulting actions to new levels of understanding, insight and creative performance.
  • Overcome competing styles and differences and make decisions that are integrative and engagingly participative.
  • Strategically align and maximize your decision making process, create better options and minimize risk.
  • Productively and positively challenge and lead new thinking for your teams.
  • Increase agreement over future directions, organizational goals and intentions.

  • Stage II. Innovate Advanced CLiC

    The Organizational Innovation Project

    Building on the leading/coaching competency of the Innovate Basic CliC experience, you now move to the next level, a project driven results focused innovation focus.
  • Creating Focus and Alignment of Human Potential, Information, Technology and Innovation.
  • Focus on Action Consulting for Results via Innovation Projects within your Organization
  • Creation and execution of a proactive innovation coaching, leading and consulting process which can be used throughout the organization.
  • A customized design and innovation focus tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Benefits of Completing the Project Driven Advanced CLiC program:

  • All benefits of completing Stage I. Basic, plus
  • An integrated, project focused approach to training and organizational development which produces results with minimum disruption.
  • An organizational team equipped to lead and use effective change management and innovation processes throughout your organization.
  • Ongoing support throughout the project from The de Bono Group and your Faculty Supervisor coupled with an internal support group.
  • A results oriented process focused on your return on investment and profitability
  • A learned, competency focused process where 'doing more with less' is an achievable end result.
  • A creative, productive and cost effective process of increasing team and organizational effectiveness, innovation and leadership.
  • An approach which complements and maximizes your present organizational development efforts (innovation, program integration, Change Management, M&A. et al.
  • Demonstrate and equip your management teams to produce higher quality decisions that are inclusive, mutually developed and owned, more thorough and forward moving.
  • Create individual, team and organizational readiness and capability to achieve your innovation agenda.
  • Create a culture of productive, innovative thinking.

  • Program materials and reports:

    You will have the following to use and work with during and on completion of the program: a certified Six Thinking Hats short course manual with accessories, a certified Lateral Thinking full course manual and accessories, a certified Focus on Facilitation manual, your own 16 PF Personality Test (Trait Factor Theory), and the potentional de Bono certification in Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, and Focus on Facilitation.

    Faculty will be selected from our pool of closely held trainers and consultants. The client may also add internal faculty and consultation teams which complement the Basic and Advanced Stages of Innovate CliC .

    Program Delivery: This program can be delivered internally either in the Basic format or Basic and Advanced. Please contact The de Bono Group, LLC and James P.(Pat) Carlisle for more specifics regarding the program as well as delivery timetables and pricing. Call 717-299-5811 or email

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