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Six Thinking Hats Online

An online course which serves as a supplement to your face-to-face training in Six Thinking Hats, The New Thinking Leader or The Course in Creativity

Cost: $99 per user for 6 months of use

Once logged on you and your team members can use the interactive online software to prepare yourselves to effectively function as valuable contributors and users of the Six Hats process. And, as new members join your team, they too will be ready to contribute immediately after they have participated in Six Hats Online. You and your team members may use the courseware anytime and anywhere you have Internet access.

Key benefits to the integration of your face to face training and Six Hats Online are:
  • Get your people on board quickly via their use of Six Thinking Hats Online
  • Create an atmosphere of support and achievement in 'getting it done and making it happen'.
  • Gain confidence and competence in your ability to lead since your people are familiar with the Six Thinking Hats process.
  • Move beyond the cycle of intellectual and emotional ping pong which often happens in the discussion, interaction and decision making process.
  • Generate an immediate return on your training dollar investment.

4 Additional Advantages when using Six Thinking Hats Online:
1. Your people spend little if any time being away from the job since the program is available 24x7 via the internet.
2. The Six Hats methods can be used immediately after the initial training/online interactive session. There is no delay.
3. The investment is affordable with a reasonable per person cost
4. Training and application of the use of de Bono methods in a variety of organizational settings has a proven and well-established pattern of return on investment record. (Click here for Return on Investment Reporting.)

Request a complimentary 5-day password to use and experience the Six Thinking Hats Online courseware now. Call The de Bono Group at 1-888-572-2190 or email for more information on Six Thinking Hats Online or to discuss the Leader's Package program. You might also want to take a look at the Applications section of this website to see which initiatives you are already implementing will be complemented by de Bono methods.

P.S. For high quantity, extensive or broad based organizational use of Six Thinking Hats Online ask about the Online Management System. This powerful feature serves as a way to monitor, encourage, and measure Six Thinking Hats usage within teams and across your organizations geography and architecture.

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